Lincoln 9 Schematic (Kansas City Radio Supply Catalog)_0.jpg

Lincoln 9, Kansas City Radio Supply catalog (undated)


Lincoln 8-80 (Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooters Manual v1).jpg

Lincoln 8-80, Riders Perpetual Troubleshooters Manual, Volume 1


Lincoln AC-8 (Citizens Radio Call Book Magazine and Scientific Digest 3-1929).jpg

Lincoln AC-8 (Hollister 8), Citizens Radio Call Book, March 1929


Lincoln 8-40 (Citizens Radio Call Book Magazine and Scientific Digest 9-1929.jpg

Lincoln 8-40, Citizens Radio Call Book, September 1929


Lincoln Deluxe 10 (Citizens Radio Call Book Magazine and Technical Review 1-1930).jpg

Lincoln Deluxe 10, Citizens Radio Call Book, January 1930


Lincoln SW-31 (Lincoln Brochure).jpg

Lincoln SW-31, Lincoln Brochure


Lincoln DCSW-8 (Lincoln Brochure)_0.jpg

Lincoln DCSW-8, Lincoln Brochure


Lincoln SW-32 (Radio News 10-1931).jpg

Lincoln SW-32, Radio News, October 1931


Lincoln SW-33 (Radio News 9-1932).jpg

Lincoln SW-33, Radio News, September 1932


Lincoln R-9 (Radio News 4-1933).jpg

Lincoln R-9, Radio News, April 1933


Lincoln SW-34 (Radio Craft 1-1934).jpg

Lincoln SW-34 (Ultra Deluxe), Radio Craft, January 1934


SW-34 Bi-Amp Output (Radio Craft 9-1933).jpg

Optional biamp output circuit for Lincoln Ultra Deluxe SW-34, Radio Craft, September 1933


Symphonic (Lincoln Brochcure).jpg

Lincoln Symphonic, Lincoln Brochure